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Sighten Referral Program

Sighten offers up to $250 for each potential customer you refer!

How does it work?

  • $50 per referred company that completes a demo - get $50 per company you refer to us that completes a demo with our team.
  • $200 per referred company that becomes a customer - get $200 for every company you refer that signs up as a new customer.
  • Customers & partners can both get referral credits - Sighten has an Installer Referral Program for current Sighten customers and a Partner Referral Program for non-customers.

How are rewards issued?

  • Installer Referral Program issues rewards as an account credit. As a customer, you can you can reduce or even zero out your monthly account balance with referrals!
  • Partner Referral Program issues rewards as gift cards or as credits that can be gifted to the referred installer.

Credits are issued in the same month that a referral completes a demo and the month after a new customer completes their first monthly payment.

Walk me through it!

You refer a new residential solar installer to Sighten. If they progress to a demo with our sales team you’ll get $50 in the month that they complete the demo. Then if they become a paying customer, you’ll get an additional $200 the month after they make their first payment.

That’s a combined $250 for each of your referrals that signs up. It’s a win-win and you get kudos for your solar connections!

To make a referral, email with the name and contact of the company you're referring (email and/or phone). You can also call in this information to your sales contact or account manager.

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