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5 predictions for residential solar in 2019

Posted by Sighten on Feb 14, 2019 10:44:29 AM

As we advance into 2019,  the residential solar industry finds itself in a very different place compared to the start of 2018. A year ago massive uncertainty surrounding President Trump’s solar tariff decision cast a shadow over the industry; this year there is optimism about a return to growth.

Of course, solar remains a rapidly evolving industry and likely overall market growth in 2019 belies significant changes happening at the ground level in all aspects of how residential solar is delivered to consumers. The coming year will see continued evolution and maturation in the residential solar market including important trends in financing, product offerings, market structure, and technology.

Here are five predictions for what lies ahead for the residential solar industry in 2019. And if you’re a residential company looking to capitalize on these trends and grow your business this year, Sighten’s solar software platform can help you stay ahead of the curve - schedule a demo of our design and proposal tool here.

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The re-emergence of solar leases?

Posted by Sighten on Mar 15, 2018 8:45:46 AM

In terms of where the sun is shining in residential solar financing, solar leases have recently been overshadowed by solar loans. Industry publications have touted the rise of solar loans in recent years, and our experience with Sighten customers has borne this out. A poll taken at our recent solar financing webinar found that around 30% of installers currently offer leases, and approximately 40% have never offered a lease.

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Top 3 reasons solar companies choose Sighten

Posted by Sighten on May 23, 2017 12:24:04 PM

Sighten exists to support the people selling, financing, and installing solar every day. That’s why we love hearing about our customers growing faster or operating more efficiently because of Sighten software. Recently, we dug a little deeper and asked our partners about their favorite aspects of running their solar businesses on Sighten. The result? Sighten customers love the platform’s financing tools, ease of use, and speed with accuracy.

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