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Top 3 reasons solar companies choose Sighten

Posted by Sighten on May 23, 2017 12:24:04 PM

Sighten exists to support the people selling, financing, and installing solar every day. That’s why we love hearing about our customers growing faster or operating more efficiently because of Sighten software. Recently, we dug a little deeper and asked our partners about their favorite aspects of running their solar businesses on Sighten. The result? Sighten customers love the platform’s financing tools, ease of use, and speed with accuracy.


Financing tools

Sophisticated and accurate financing calculations from proposal through change order is a core part of the Sighten platform. Whether it’s a cash sale, loan, PACE, PPA, or lease, our customers like having the tools to sell, compare, and close across a variety of financing programs.

“We like the comparison of financing on the proposal -- the layout of cash and different financing options, then showing the ITC and all the important numbers. Nobody else seems to be able to get that right but you guys get it right.” - Jose Harb, HCI Solar

When customers use Sighten’s growing list of integrated financing options, the sales process improves further. Our partners simplify things for their entire team by running quotes, qualifying homeowners, and generating documents in a single platform.

“The best parts of the platform are the credit integrations and being able to quickly and efficiently close and have everything necessary when we leave from the house on the first visit. Using Sighten with some financing products, you can sit down with the homeowner, go through the value prop, and get a contract signed.” - Josh Held, Revsolar

Ease of use

Customers love how easy it is to get up and running with Sighten. The Sighten platform has a clean and intuitive interface and clear workflows, significantly reducing ramp time for new users.

“It’s really easy to use and that’s what we love about it. Somebody that doesn’t know much about solar can log on and by going through the steps, they can learn with it. It’s just so easy to understand the way it’s laid out.” - Tasha Anderson, Mid State Solar

“I was able to get up to speed quickly. That was very important to me and I like using the tool.” - Tim O’Sullivan, OSullivan Green Solar

Customers also appreciate how Sighten makes it easy to collaborate on projects across organizations and teams, ensuring deals move forward smoothly.

“We like the ease of use and being able to pass this on to agents. It’s an impressive platform when you see the fact that everything is automated. It’s easy for agents to go in and quote.” - Jose Harb, HCI Solar 

Speed with accuracy

Sighten customers can move through the solar sales workflow rapidly, from lead to proposal to close, without sacrificing accuracy.

“We’re able to take just a few details from the customer -- address, usage, some other contact and utility information and put together a proposal in a number of minutes. It’s very valuable for us to be able to quickly get quotes out into the hands of customers. We like that the system is straightforward and easy to understand. You go from one step to the next and it’s a very streamlined process.” - Eric Peterman, GRNE Solutions

Sighten is the only truly comprehensive solar software platform, and customers see significant benefit in having all parts of the sales, financing, and installation process in a single tool.

“I like the integration of all aspects needed for the sale. Everything links together. Our sales team can turn around and create the design and show the customer, then show them the financing options.” - William Nicholson, SmartOne

“It’s very customizable and I love the automated features like e-signing and integrated financing. I definitely like the roadmap and the features you release.” - Dave Macias, Divine Power USA

We’re incredibly lucky to get to work with the businesses on the front lines of the solar revolution every single day. Thank you to all of our current customers for their support and kind words. And if you’re not currently using Sighten, request a demo at to learn more about how better software can power growth for your business!

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