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Sighten Launches Partnership with Sunnova

Posted by Sighten on Apr 2, 2019 7:08:03 AM

Sighten has launched a major partnership with Sunnova, the leading privately-held U.S. residential solar services provider. Sighten software customers can now access Sunnova’s broad portfolio of financing products directly from the Sighten platform.

Sunnova is active in 16 states and offers a wide range of solar financing, including PPA, lease, and loan options, in addition to a recently launched home solar protection plan. Innovative financing from Sunnova paired with industry-leading software from Sighten will empower solar companies of all sizes to grow their businesses by better serving their customers.

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Sunnova Financing + Sighten Platform

Since its founding in 2012, Sunnova has worked with its partners to deliver solar to over 65,000 customers. Sunnova has differentiated itself by offering a diverse range of financing options for customers, including PPAs, leases, and loans.

Sunnova continues to innovate as a pioneer in solar + storage as well as with unique products like Sunnova ProtectTM, which offers solar customers peace of mind with a complete solar service plan package and production guarantee.

Hundreds of solar companies across the country use Sighten’s comprehensive solar software platform to sell, finance, and install solar every day. Access to compelling financing products is a key part of success for solar installers. That’s why Sighten has developed features specifically designed to make solar financing easy, like the ability to send out financing documents for e-signature and automated credit workflows.

When solar companies can quickly go through their solar sales process, seamlessly layering in financing, it improves efficiency, speed, and accuracy. At the end of the day, this leads to more closed deals and more happy solar customers.

Working with an industry-leading financing company like Sunnova helps Sighten to make good on its promise to provide the tools solar companies need to succeed. The Sunnova partnership will give Sighten customers access to Sunnova’s diverse financing product portfolio - loan, PPA, and lease options - all from within the Sighten platform. Sighten customers can generate quotes, run credit, and send out project documents as part of their normal Sighten solar sales workflow.

Sighten CEO and Co-Founder Conlan O’Leary is excited about what the Sunnova partnership will mean for Sighten customers:

“By integrating financing from Sunnova, a leader in the US solar market, Sighten users will have access to financing products that will resonate with their customers. That means more solar on more rooftops and a vibrant solar economy, which is why we founded Sighten in the first place.”

- Conlan O'Leary, Sighten CEO & Co-Founder

Sunnova EVP and Chief Marketing Officer Michael Grasso sees Sighten as a powerful partner for growth:

"I immediately saw the value in partnering with Sighten, given their impressive software platform and extensive network of customers. Both organizations have a deep commitment to their partners, so we’re thrilled to work with Sighten to deliver a best-in-class software and financing toolset.”

- Michael Grasso, Sunnova EVP and Chief Marketing Officer


Growing Your Business With Sighten + Sunnova

Sighten and Sunnova share a mission of helping solar companies of all sizes build America’s solar energy future. The partnership will help both organizations make good on that mission by ensuring Sighten and Sunnova customers have the financing and software tools needed to succeed.

Here at Sighten, we’re excited to share Sunnova financing with the Sighten network in the weeks and months ahead. Sighten customers can keep an eye out for a Sighten + Sunnova webinar invite later this week and can reach out to an account manager or email us at to learn more!

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