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Four ways a custom solar proposal can help grow your business.

Posted by Sighten on Jul 28, 2021 8:36:00 AM

Sighten’s Proposal Assistant service is here to support you when creating a compelling custom solar proposal template.

custom solar proposal

As a solar installer or contractor, you’ve likely put thought and effort into building your company’s brand, logo, website, and social media. These are all essential tools for driving new customers to your business.

At Sighten, we understand how important your brand is for building relationships with your customers. Now you can easily input your company’s unique brand identity right into your Sighten custom solar proposal.

From the homeowner’s perspective, a compelling solar proposal is:

  • Personal - Making a connection.
  • Polished - Visually appealing, has brand continuity, and creates a “wow” effect.
  • Persuasive - Easy to follow and tells a compelling story.
  • Professional - Giving the “best in class” experience.
If you are ready to get creative and introduce these four key elements into your Sighten custom solar proposal, then this is the blog for you!

Four ways to customize your solar proposal.


1. Put your brand front and center

A custom Cover Page makes a visually exciting sales presentation with dynamic content and a clear “Get Started” call to action.

Clickable links on both the live and PDF version make it easy for a customer to take the next step.

Formally introduce your company to potential customers with a custom About Us Page.

Here, you can provide a brief background regarding your company’s history, your products and services, and the regions you service. It is also a great place to display how many customers have already taken advantage of your solar solutions and why they should go solar with you.

Take this opportunity to show what makes your company unique. Maybe you specialize in off-grid systems, quick install turnaround time, maintenance, monitoring, best in class warranty - highlight this!

Custom Solar Cover PageCustom Solar About Page

Custom Solar Testimonials PageCustom Solar New and Social Page

To add a custom Testimonials Page, first, ask permission from your favorite customers to include a testimonial from them in your proposal.

You can also include photos of a completed installation or a timeline graphic for reference. A compelling solar sales pitch uses storytelling and social proof. 

A custom News and Social Media Page is an excellent opportunity to highlight your industry achievements and involvement. 

Clickable links on both the live and PDF version make it easy for a customer to follow your company on social media and to show potential customers that you're there to engage with them.


2. Create urgency in a solar pitch

Clearly lay out the key points that drive urgency and engagement in a solar sale.

The Cost of Doing Nothing page will help you craft a compelling pitch that focuses on savings and a predictable and stable electricity bill.

Be sure to include the Environmental Impact page in your proposal. Even if it isn’t a primary motivator, most people will feel good about switching to a clean, carbon-free power source.

A great way to visualize the environmental impact of going solar is to use metaphors like the miles saved by not driving a car, the number of acres planted, or clean energy consumed verse dirty power sources like coal. This page makes CO2 impact tangible and easy to understand.

Cost of Doing NothingScreen Shot 2021-07-06 at 1.53.08 PM


3. Include several financing options.

Custom Solar Financing Presentation

Customizing your Financing Presentation with visual tools: graphs and tables will give the potential customer a detailed and accurate overview of their financing options. The customer can easily compare the selected financing options, which will aid their buying decision.

Offering different financing options can help expand your market. Many financing options are available in Sighten, and optimal funding can vary widely with a homeowner’s situation.


4. Request referrals.

Adding a custom Refer a Friend Page is a great way to lower your customer acquisition cost.

Adding a referral page to your solar proposal template makes referral requests routine.
Collect, route, and customize referrals. Easily edit this page to route all referrals to a designated email address.

Customize the page to include referral promotions, giveaways, and rewards. Get creative with the types of promotions you offer to build up your referral business.

Custom Solar Promotion

Need help? Schedule a session with a Sighten Proposal Assistant.

Our Proposal Assistants are a dedicated team that’s here as a resource to every Sighten user. Our team is ready to help you put your best foot forward with your custom Sighten proposal! Together with your input and photos, Sighten Proposal Assistants are here to revitalize your proposal templates.

The Proposal Assistant will first determine the scope, asset list, and timeline. We will help you leverage the tools within Sighten to help tell your company’s story. Proposal Assistant will help you optimize your images for the web, PDFs, and print.

If you need assistance building out a unique and compelling proposal, this is the option for you!

How does the Proposal Assistant custom solar proposal service work?

For the best assistance with your customization requests, please follow these steps:

  1. Gather all marketing collateral: photos, logos, etc., and put them into a shareable zip file or Drive folder. Please also include a marked-up version of your existing Sighten proposal template, clearly indicating the changes you’re requesting.
  2. Share the zip file or Drive folder with after filling out this form.
  3. Within two business days of submitting a request, someone from our team will review and reach out to schedule a 15-20 minute meeting.
  4. The 1:1 session with your Proposal Assistant will help you get time back in your day by answering all your questions and assist you in optimizing your custom solar proposal.

*All customization takes place within Sighten’s current scope of proposal functionality. We will do our best to meet your needs; however, Sighten will not be creating new marketing assets, such as graphics, icons, photos, or proposal features outside our current functionality.

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