Marketing Associate

Sighten is seeking a well-qualified candidate who is passionate about driving the clean energy revolution by building best-in-class software for residential financing programs.  As a Marketing Associate at Sighten, you will be asked to:

  • Manage marketing campaigns and lead generation
  • Create content for all marketing and training materials
  • Ensure adoption of financing program by approved installers

Job Overview

This position will be responsible for overseeing all external and internal marketing communications regarding Sighten programs.  It will require being a determined and friendly professional with an advanced understanding of human behavior and the ability to motivate through data focused marketing and training strategies.

Job Duties

  • Drives lead generation for Sighten
  • Develops marketing and advertising campaigns and programs from strategic concept to completion
  • Develops all internal and external marketing and training materials
  • Gather information on competitors, and conduct analysis on their sales, prices and methods of distribution and marketing to thoroughly learn about the competition
  • Measure the effectiveness of advertising, marketing and communications strategies

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 1+ years in marketing and/or training experience

Preferred Qualifications

  • Excellent communication and decision-making skills
  • Familiarity with online content marketing and social media development strategies
  • Proficiency with HubSpot marketing suite and Salesforce
  • Solar power and finance experience